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Bad balls :(

Fulpware was robbed.
Best thing I've seen in a long time!

This isn't a movie so you shouldn't upload to the movie portal~
Tests and things that aren't, well, real animation can go into the art portal as gifs.
Nice work on the model itself tho!

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Came from your forum post.
I like that it works well on mobile,
(A lot of games on here don't)
but, there isn't much to do.
All you have to do is aim to the bottom right corner hold down and that's it. You never really need to move or interact
so it's not something that would personally hold my attention.
The presentation, art work and everything else looks cool, but the gameplay is pretty flat.

I would've played but I use a gamepad, and I believe the controls are wasd only, so I couldn't move.
Looked pretty neat tho

LightStudio responds:

i believe you can use the arrows in the keyboard to move, but i'll add the gamepad in the next update!

I played this way too long thinking you could max out the numbers.

moofs responds:

40 digits is the max actually

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This is pretty neat!
So airy and pleasant.
Nice chill start, and I like it starts moving in the middle!
Very much enjoy the samples being used! The, I believe it's a square wave? Got a little harsh at one part, but overall enjoy this a lot!
What's ur kit?

cominginbytes responds:

I don't have a kit, all I use is https://onlinesequencer.net . It's pretty easy, and so I used it. I also used it for 'Tired'.

Very high level stuff!
I love that you made such quality samples.
For effects like this, I'd more than likely rely on
doing them in post. I like the depth in the sound, and
clean everything blends together!
Very dramatic and intense piece!

zybor responds:

Thank you for your review! :3

The intro, and end of the song are kinda weird.
The intro plays for like half a second, then abruptly stops and starts playing again.
Its sort of a odd transition. Same thing with the end.
An abrupt stop out of nowhere, then seemingly random notes?
It almost seems like it was an exporting error.
The rest of the melody seems fine. I like that soft "fuzzy" like sound towards the
begining, it makes it sound like an old record playing. A nice touch imo.
I don't really get a "halloween" vibe from it tho...
Tbh, idk what vibe I get. The bell sounding instrument along with
the horn/trumpet make it seem sorta christmas-y? But not exatly that either.
On it's own tho, it's a nice listen.

MiklipiGD responds:

As it is : "this is my style"

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Stellar pixel art dude!
I love your pallette, and how smooth you got the Caps to look

Hehe banana go zoom

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