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Came from your forum post.
I like that it works well on mobile,
(A lot of games on here don't)
but, there isn't much to do.
All you have to do is aim to the bottom right corner hold down and that's it. You never really need to move or interact
so it's not something that would personally hold my attention.
The presentation, art work and everything else looks cool, but the gameplay is pretty flat.

I would've played but I use a gamepad, and I believe the controls are wasd only, so I couldn't move.
Looked pretty neat tho

LightStudio responds:

i believe you can use the arrows in the keyboard to move, but i'll add the gamepad in the next update!

I played this way too long thinking you could max out the numbers.

moofs responds:

40 digits is the max actually

Played through the whole thing, and it was pretty fun!
Very neat idea, but I feel a lot could be added to it to make it more
I feel that the second level is the hardest, and the last level 's
"difficulty" is kind of a joke. ( No offense intended, it was just super easy)
The moveable blocks take away most of the challenge.
For your first game, I think you did an amazing job!
Keep up the good work man.

Now this game was pretty fun, (I raged quit on level 4) but there are a few problems with it.
These problems are the things that made me quit.

First, whenever there are a decent amount of enemies onscreen, the game will lag,
and I mean bad. It isn't terrible enough to make it unplayable, but it's definitely there.
Second, the controls are super slippery, it feels like everything 's made of ice.
And lastly, and this one made me want to scream...
The hit boxes are set terribly. No object in this game's hit box seems to actually surround
the object like it should, and while for most objects this is passible, this makes it nearly impossible to
jump on the enemy's heads, which you really need to be able to do in later levels.
Almost every time I've jumped on an enemy's head it ended in a death, yowch.

Anyway, I think this game has a lot of potential, and would love to see a new version with
these problems fixed. It was honestly really fun while it lasted, but the messed up hit boxes were
just too much for me.

As a side note, music/sound effects would've been great too!

It's ok, but there's not much to do.
Also, the controls feel really wonky, and I'm not sure
if the whole lagging thing was intentional or not, but that's sort of
irritating as well.

Kind of lack luster, but it at least functions properly.
It's also incredibly short.
Not bad for what it is though.

There's nothing wrong with this, it works fine but it's bland.
There's a lot you could add to it, like music, sound effects,
maybe even some power ups that make the game feel more unique.

ZYEV responds:

Yep, i add music in the next version.

You can't get past the third question. :/

This was really fun to play, and I love the soundtrack!
It does have a few glitches though. If you accidentally click out of the
screen and click back in, the game slows up and the music stops playing for a while.
Also, when trying to use touch controls, they sometimes spaz out and keep making
you zig zag back and forth. Anyway, for the simple game this is, I think you did
great on it!

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