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Health Issues, and my wishes

Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - October 15th, 2022

Well, sort of a weird post to have to make, but I want to make it just Incase.

Without going too in depth, I've been having some weird

health issues lately, and well, hopefully things clear up, but just Incase, things go the other way, I just want to at least say this.

If I ever just abruptly stop posting, please don't delete my account. I'd hate for all the art I've made, and my existence I've had online to disappear with me.

I feel that nothing more terrible that could happen to an artist.

So please, let it be known that I hope for everything Ive created to be able to continue being enjoyed, whether I'm here or not.




I'm sure no one's going to delete your creations unless you ask for it. So, take care and get well soon

I just wanted to make sure just incase.
Cause you can never be too sure with these things.
And thank you for the kind words. :)

relax dude, i don't think they going to delete your stuff like that. I wish you the best homie, take care and get well soon

Thanks for the well wishes bro~
I just wanted to make sure because some websites actually do get rid of an artists content.
I just wanted to be clear that would definitely go against my wishes.

That sucks. I hope you get well soon.

Ty for the well wishes! :)
I'm feeling a lot better atm.
The worst thing was that I had no idea why I was feeling
so bad all of a sudden.
Turns out I got chicken pox of all things?
Apparently it's worse in Adults, so that combined with other issues did a number on me.
They just came out if the blue...

I’m certain they won’t delete your account & posts because of inactivity, there’s dozens of accounts that have been inactive since like 2008 and are still up. Take care man, i hope you get well.

That would definitely make me happy.
I just wanted to make it clear on at least one website that
I frequent, because I never usually talk about things like this.
And thank you so much for the kind words!
I really appreciate all you guys dropping by my page like this
Brings a tear to my eye
I'm feeling way better now though, just trying to continue to rest and hopefully be back soon