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colorsCrimsonTears's News

Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - August 28th, 2022

Well, we're almost at the climax.

91 ocs done, and 9 left to go.

If anyone wants to jump in at the last second, now's your


I'm drawing 100 ng community ocs!

Check out the thread here!


And thanks to everyone who's participated so far!

With a special thanks to:

@TheShokBlok -

For keeping the list accurate for me,

and @misterbright for not only submitting more than one oc, but also checking out the thread throughout the journey!


You guys rock~


Forgot to update this and say it's finished now~

Thanks again everyone for joining!




Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - August 12th, 2022

75 portraits down, 25 to go!

It's the homestretch~



Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - July 26th, 2022

Just an update on drawing 100 NG

community ocs. I just finished the 50th one,

meaning we're halfway there!

Shouldn't be too long before the projects completed~



Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - July 12th, 2022

After hitting 100 follows I made a challenge for myself

to draw 100 of the NG community's ocs.

I'm now a quarter of the way done, with only 75 ocs left to go! So far around 60 or so people have submitted their ocs, so there's still a few slots open if you want me to draw your oc


If you do, just head to this thread


and post your oc along with what place you come in.

(Although some people didn't so it's kinda jumbled now lol)


Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - July 1st, 2022

I'm almost at 100 fans, and I thought of a cool idea I want to do once I hit it.

(I'll be making a thread for it later at the appropriate time)

I'll be doing 100 pixel art portraits for the first 100 people to comment in the thread~

It will be a massive project, and one that will challenge me.

I think it will also be a great thank you to everyone who continues to follow me!

I'm looking forward to it.



Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - November 21st, 2021

I'm happy to announce 8000+ downloads

(8,098 to be exact) on freesound!

I've met a bunch of cool people, and have seen

a lot of cool projects in this time!

I hope everyone continues to find value in this

page, and I'll continue to update it~

For new people, I have a freesound page, and

every one of the sounds uploaded there are COMPLETELY free for anyone to use, in any project they choose.

Doesn't matter if your project is commercial or not!

Everything is cc0, so you don't even need to slow down your project's creation to hassle with permissions!

At the time of this writing,

the page has:

76 sounds uploaded

My most downloaded sound is "Underwater":


My least downloaded sound is "Brushing Teeth":


And my highest rated is "Fanfare 2 - Rpg":


Feel free to check out my page here:


We're close to 10,000 downloads soon, and I hope you

all continue to get use out of this page~



Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - September 21st, 2021

Been a while since I've updated on my freesound acc.

I've just hit over 6000 downloads.

(Exact num as of now is 6,028)

I've just released a batch of new sounds, and more of my sounds have been used in new projects, notably this one:


My most popular sound is still "Underwater":


Followed by

Heal - Rpg:


and Whispers:


If you're in need of free cc0 sounds for any of your projects, including commercial ones, please check out my page~



Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - August 4th, 2021

Another Freesound update~

As of this writing, I have 4817 downloads on freesound.

All the sounds on my page are 100% free cc0 public domain sounds, that you can

use in your various projects however you wish~

If you're an indie, and need sounds for a project,

give it a gander!


Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - July 16th, 2021

-colorsCrimsonTears' Art Commission Sheet-

My system for commissions is a flat price, which increases in value

depending on how much work needs to be done, and how long it will take me.

I don't charge by the hour, but by a fixed value relating to each

step in the art process, followed by extras, such as:

-Additional characters

-Complex scenery



I will draw basically anything, (besides anything illegal) as long

as I believe I have the skill to do so.

-Sketch Examples-


Sketches are $5


-Flat color Examples-


Flat color is $25


-Finished art Examples-


Finished art is $50

For finished art, I have two styles that I do. The style on the far left, and the one on the far right.

Please let me know which you'd prefer, or I'll default to whichever I think fits the most.


Additional Characters are $10 per character.


Complex backgrounds are $20.

(I define complex as anything not abstract in nature. Landscapes, buildings etc are considered complex to me)

(Abstract backgrounds are free!)



When requesting a commission, please pm me the following:



-Name of character you want me to draw


-A link, or picture for me to reference (Only if it's an oc, or someone not well known)


-Type of drawing you want done (Sketch,Flat color, or Finished art)


-Pose you want the character in (Optional, I'll do one myself if you have no idea)


-If you want any extras or not


-If you want extras, tell me the characters you want, and/or the complex background you want here


-If you mind me posting the commissioned art, or you want to keep it yourself

(You may do whatever you wish with art you've commissioned from me)


-If you mind being tagged, or want to be anonymous


-You must pay me in advance. I won't begin working until I've received payment


If you're commissioning Finished Art, I'll do at most, 2 revisions, ONLY while I'm still in the sketching phase,

so make sure things are going as you want.

If you have any additional questions, my pms are always open~



Posted by colorsCrimsonTears - July 3rd, 2021

Just hit over 4000 freesound downloads~ (4,072 altogether)

Getting close to 5000 soon! 🎉

My most popular sound is still (Underwater) with

582 downloads as of now~

Check out my page if you ever need any sound effects, I have 57 sounds uploaded

as of now, so there's a good amount to choose from!

Everything on my freesound page is 100% free, cc0 sounds.

Use them HOWEVER you want, even commercially. Everything on that page

is open for anyone to use.

If you appreciate the sounds, it would be kind of you to credit me,

and link back to the freesound website.

Cheers, and stay creative~